Dog Licenses & Fees

dog license

Please license your pet!

Licensing is required for all dogs harbored within the City of Iona. Purchasing a license and attaching it to your pet’s collar is one of the most important things you can do as a pet owner. Displaying a current license tag on your pet’s collar makes it easy for animal control officers, police officers, city staff, and other residents to help locate a lost pet’s owner information. Dog licenses can be purchased at the City Clerk’s office with cash or check payable to the City of Iona.


Annual License $5.00
Lifetime License $15.00
Noncommercial Kennel License $25.00
Commercial Kennel License $50.00

Please Click Here  to review Title 5 Chapter 4 of the Iona City Code that outlines Dog Control Regulations. For more specific questions, please contact the City Clerk.