Iona Historical Museum

Iona Historical Museum

Iona Historical Museum

The mission of the Iona Historical Museum Inc. is to share the past with the present, in hopes for a better future. There are historical artifacts related to the building of the Iona area, but we also have a collection of stories of stalwart and brave people who beat the elements and made this one of Idaho’s beautiful and favorite places to live. We learn from those who came before us, to persevere, even when everything is stacked against, for the benefit of humankind in general. We are seeking funds from the public for the purchase of the historical artifact, the Bingham Stake Tithing House, located at 5293 Rockwood Ave., Iona, ID to be used as the Museum. Our regular hours are Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. or call for special tour arrangements.

Our website is:

We are also on Facebook under: Iona Historical Museum.

Board Members:

Marilyn Deihl, Chairman
Phone: (208)-313-9032
Susan Moon, Co-Chairman
Phone: (208)-821-6015
Christine Wilson, Publicist
Phone: (208)-529-1791
Suzanne Schwendiman, Co – Publicist
Bette McKinley, Treasurer
“Pinky” Covert, Maintenance


Photo Credit: Cassie Pulley

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