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Iona City Code Regarding Mailboxes

Mailboxes for receipt of United States mail may be installed within the public right-of-way, subject
to the following restrictions and standards
(A) Mailbox structures may be installed within the public right-of-way at any point along the
nearest edge of the graveled surface or asphalt roadway paralleling the owner’s front
property line. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no mail box shall be installed within the
triangular area adjacent to a corner lot, the sides of which are bounded by three corner
points, one of which is the point of intersection of the edges of the paved or graveled
roadway surfaces running parallel to such corner lot and the other two corner points being
located at a distance of fifteen feet from such intersection and running along each edge of
the road way surface forming such intersection.
(B) All mailbox receptacles shall be permanently and securely affixed on the top of a vertical
metal pipe, bar or wood post. The bottom of the mailbox shall be located at a height no
greater than forty-eight inches (48”) as measured from the surface of the roadway. The
front edge of the mailbox receptacle shall maintain a set back of not less than eight inches
(8”) as measured from the vertical projection of the edge of the graveled or paved roadway.
The metal pipe or bar shall not exceed two inches (2”) in diameter or two inches (2”) on a
side if rectangular. The wood post shall be square and not exceed four inches (4”) on any
side. The depth of the pipe, bar or wood post below grade shall not exceed twenty-four
(24”). Private mailbox receptacles may be grouped upon one (1) support, not to exceed
two (2) per grouping per property frontage.
(C) Community mailboxes comprised of more than four (4) receptacles may be installed only
at a location approved in writing by the Public Works Director or the City Council. Such
mailboxes shall be provided by the U.S. Postal Service or be of a design approved by the
U.S. Postal Service.
(D) The supporting pipe, bar, or wooden post for private mail boxes and/or community
mailboxes shall be securely planted in the soil with cement or asphalt surrounding the
supporting pipe, bar or post. Barrels, cans, buckets, stones, masonry or any other similar
above-ground receptacles or structures are prohibited.
(E) Spikes, decorations, metal works or other items shall not protrude from the structure in a
manner which creates an unreasonable risk of bodily injury or harm to pedestrians. No
mailbox receptacle or supporting structure shall be installed in a manner or at a location
which creates an unreasonable risk of bodily injury or harm to pedestrians or which
impedes the safe and efficient flow of vehicular traffic, including, without limitation, snow
plows, maintenance vehicles and sanitation trucks.
(F) A permit for public right of way construction pursuant to section 8-3-2 of this Code shall
not be required for the installation of a mailbox structure within the public right of way,
provided such installation conforms to the provisions of this section.
CHAPTER 4 (Revision: August 16, 2023) Page 160
(G) All non-conforming, existing mailbox receptacles or supporting structures located within
the public right of way shall be brought into conformity with the provisions of this section
within one hundred twenty (120) days after the effective date of the ordinance adopting
this section, except mailbox structures which do not comply with subsection (E) hereof
shall be brought into conformity within ten (10) days after such effective date.
(Ord. 203-03-2016, 03/15/2016).


For any other questions please contact our Public Works Director Zech Prouse 208-716-0836