Police Department

ALL Calls for service and emergencies please contact dispatch at (208)-529-1200.

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the City of Iona’s Police Department. Our office is located at 3548 N. Main Street. The City of Iona employs two full time police officers to serve the citizens of this community. If you would like to leave a non-emergency general concern or complaint please contact voicemail service at (208)-523-0165 or (208)-716-4662.



Karl Bowcutt, Chief of Police
Fax: 1-208-535-0087
Email: ionapolice@cityofiona.org

Chris Hinton, Patrol Officer
Fax: 1-208-535-0087
Email: ionapolice2@cityofiona.org

Dustin Mathie, Patrol Officer
Fax: 1-208-535-0087
Email: ionapolice3@cityofiona.org