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Easter Egg Hunt

We know from feedback from you that you wish the times were closer together and we hear you – but unfortunately we need that time to process all the toy eggs SO please don’t just wait by the egg field! Go see the animals, get a picture with the Easter Bunny, grab a grab bag and some cotton candy, get some delicious corn dogs ( and maybe some other food if we get more vendors), play yard games, and on the park, and have some fun in the time in between! We will have signs and be encouraging people to not line up until right before, and don’t worry, we’ll make tons of obnoxious announcements! We have had so many toy donations from our awesome sponsors so you won’t want to miss it!

**At a meeting with the Mayor and Public Works Department yesterday we decided that due to the nature of the weather this year and the damage that having thousands of people on the grass could cause to the park we have to postpone the Easter Egg Hunt. If the ground has still not dried up by the 8th we have some mitigation strategies to try and keep our beautiful park safe, but still hold our Easter Egg Hunt. The chalk art contest will still take place, so keep signing up! It will look a little different this year, but you won’t have to sit on the cold wet ground so there are some pros!

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