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Governor Little has issued a “Stay Healthy Order” that will begin on November 14th, 2020. To read the complete Order, please CLICK HERE!


“Requirements from Eastern Idaho Public Health” – Due to rising cases in the area, Governor Little has changed the Phase of the Reopen Idaho Plan. For additional information and restrictions please refer to the Eastern Idaho Public Health Website:
“Happy New Year and Martin Luther King Jr. Day ”- The City Office will be closing early on December 31st in observance of New Years Eve, and will be closed on Monday, January 18th in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
“MYAC Angel Tree” – We had another very successful Angel Tree this year, and were able to provide Christmas for two families in need! The members of MYAC successfully delivered the gifts, and we’re so grateful for them and for YOU, our fantastic community, for being so giving this holiday season.
“Community Food Drive” – Thank you so much for your donations for the Idaho Falls Community Food Basket! We were overwhelmed with a massive amount of food donations, and we feel so blessed to be a part of such a generous and loving community. This picture shows only a small portion of the food we received.
 “Iona Museum Needs You”- The Iona Historical Museum is in need of financial help from you! We want the museum to remain in the original Bingham Stake Tithing House- which is one of the first buildings constructed in Iona – and in order to do this we must pay the remaining mortgage of $53,000 which is due now. Information can be found and donations made at the following:
The museum has artifacts from many of the original Iona settlers and these artifacts are helping us preserve the rich historical past of this great area. Any size donation is appreciated

“Heritage Commission”The City Council has created a new commission to celebrate the rich heritage from our wonderful city. If you’re interested in having your voice heard in matters relating to city events, city history, the arts, or other aspects of our city, please contact us at

Important Information

The City of Iona’s City Council has scheduled the following Public Hearings on the evening of January 19th, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at the Iona City Building, which is located at 3548 N. Main St, Iona, ID. 
“Application for Final Plat and Annexation Agreement for Sunrise Acres” – A Public Hearing will be held at 7:15pm to consider a Final Plat Application and Annexation Agreement for “Sunrise Acres Subdivision”, located on the south side of 49th North, between 45th East and 55th East.
“Application for Preliminary Plat for Elim Estates” – A Public Hearing will be held at 7:20 pm to consider a Preliminary Plat for Elim Estates; a Subdivision located on the north side of Iona Road between 45th East and Olsen Street.
“Application for Variance for Elim Estates” – A Public Hearing will be held at 7:25 pm to consider a Variance pertaining to the allowed length for a permanent dead-end street, for Elim Estates; a Subdivision located on the north side of Iona Road between 45th East and Olsen St.
“Application for Rezoning” – A Public Hearing will be held at 7:30 pm to consider a Rezoning Application from Commercial (C) to Single Family Residential (R-1) for a vacant lot on Main Street, between Hansen Avenue and Iona Road.

Public Works 

“Winter Parking Restrictions” – Per Iona City Code § 9-4-5(C), “It shall be unlawful to park or place any vehicle upon any road way as defined above, from and including the period commencing on Thanksgiving Day to and until Easter Sunday of the following year, between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon, Monday through Friday.”
“Snow Removal” – With winter just around the corner, we would like to remind all residents that every person who owns property within the City shall remove any snow, ice, and other obstructions or dangerous conditions upon any sidewalk abutting his or her property within twenty four (24) hours following a precipitation event. As for the streets and to help with plowing, no person shall park a motor vehicle, trailer or equipment on the streets or in the swales, during or following a precipitation event. Snow is not allowed to be shoveled into the street from your property.
“Snow Removal Exemptions” – Per Iona City Code § 6-4-8 those who are physically or mentally impaired in a manner that makes snow removal impossible, pregnant women, or  residents over 80 years of age, are exempt from snow removal, and can call the city at 208-523-5600 to have the snow the plow moves into their driveway removed by the city.     
“Placing of Fill Prohibited” – Per Iona City Code § 5-5-7 “Any person who places top soil, fill, dirt, pavement, rock or gravel to an elevation higher than ten inches (10”) below the height of the nearest edge of the pavement or oiled surface of a public road, and within a distance of ten (10) lineal feet from the edge of such pavement, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor…” Any person currently violating this code needs to remove debris ASAP.


Business Spotlight

“Big Swigz” – Located at 3340 N. Main St., Big Swigz, owned by Jed and Shellie Willardson, is the newest addition to the business scene here in Iona! Shellie is a native Iona-ite, who has been working from home helping adults with special needs for the past 13 years, and thought it was time to start working outside of the home. She has always wanted to start something of her own, so what would be better than to run a little soda shack just down the road in the very town they love so much! They have staffed their soda shack with Iona natives as well, and are grateful for all their hard work. They are so thankful for those that support them. Come and try their delicious pops with some yummy mix ins, and grab some of Lola’s fresh homemade bread, or cookies from Crumbl, and Iona’s Madbatter. Their winter hours are M-F 9:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. Sat 9:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. (hours will change in the summer.)


Are you interested  in knowing the breakdown of the water improvement project? Please view and/or download the Scope of Work which specifically outlines exactly what items are included in the project and the individual cost associated with each. (*It’s important to note the scope of work was based on a worst case scenario meaning some of the costs outlined could be lower when the project is put out to bid and the overall cost of the project could be lower depending on potential grant money that could become available to help fund these improvements). Are you interested in viewing a map of the water improvement project? Please view and/or download a copy of the Map. Have further questions? Please contact a city elected official at the email addresses listed below: