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Iona Historical Museum

Summer Hours: Monday from 4-8 pm through September 25th

The mission of the Iona Historical Museum Inc. is to share the past with the present, in hopes for a better future. There are historical artifacts related to the building of the Iona area, and a collection of stories of stalwart and brave people who beat the elements and made this one of Idaho’s most beautiful and best places to live. We learn from those who came before us, to persevere, even when everything is stacked against, for the benefit of humankind in general.

Hours of operation are by appointment only. 

Donations can be made at
or mailed to
Iona Historical Museum
PO Box 623
Iona ID 83427


Phone: 208-557-1479

Board Members:
Arlene McCabe Riding, President
Connie Murdock, Vice President
Betty McKinlay, Secretary/Treasurer
Pinky Covert
Nicole Tonks
Susan Moon
Ben Moon 
Anna Jean Sweat
Dena Johnson
Shelley Minor
Davidjohn Stosich
Adeana Stosich
Kathy McNamara
Christine Williams
Ty Cook  

Photo Credit: Connie Murdock