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Tree Trimming

The Public Works Department will be trimming trees in October. City Code § 8-4-11 states that if you have trees or shrubs on your property, you are responsible to trim or remove any parts of that plant that overhang or project into any public street, sidewalk, alley, or easement . Trees and shrubs need to be trimmed to at least twelve feet (12’) above any public street, public easement, or alley, and to at least eight feet (8’) above the curb and sidewalk. If you have a tree that is impeding a public street, sidewalk, alley, or easement, please get your “street trees” trimmed in the first two weeks of October. Any trees left after these two weeks will be trimmed by The City as per City Code § 8-4-13 Please contact the Public Works Department at 208-716-0836 to discuss any needs for assistance if you are unable to trim your own street trees. We cannot assist with private property work, only trees located in the public right-of-way. There will be a “branches-only” drop-off located in the compound on the northeast corner of Iona Square Park. If you are unable to haul your branches off on your own, The City will be able to do it for you. This will be available to the public only through the month of October.