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City Wide Survey

Let your voice be heard! We need your input. Beginning on May 5th through May 26th, BYU students representing the City of Iona will conduct a 16 question door-to-door survey. The survey will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete, and will take place during weekday evenings and Saturdays. Students will have identification badges with them. The preliminary information provided below gives you background on the subject of the questions which will be asked. The specific questions will be provided to you by the students coming door-to-door. The purpose of the survey is to receive input about the following areas of interest:

Community and Recreation Activities: The City believes that community recreation activities, when managed well, add value to our community and well-being. The City recreation program offers several events already, and can expand or contract the recreation program based on the needs and desires of the community and the families that live here. The City of Iona offers the following youth programs: basketball, t-ball, softball, and pitching machine.

Government: City officials work to ensure our City is functioning properly and has the infrastructure needed for our collective future. City officials try to do this with the least amount of impact on citizens as possible, while maintaining the ability to provide for our current and future needs.

Police and Safety in the Community: The City of Iona provides two full-time enforcement officers. Our police are dedicate to working solely in Iona on issues that our residents are exposed to. We also pay for a contract with Bonneville County Sheriff’s Department to cover Iona when our officers are off-duty. Our current two officers are busy while on duty, suggesting there is more that could be done to address issues specific to Iona.

Public Works Department: Growth within our City is outpacing our ability to service our residents with water under our current operating structure. Although our current water rights are sufficient to meet our annual volume capacity, our pumping rate (measured in cubic feet per second) during the summer exceeds the limits under our existing water rights permit, and needs to be addressed to come into compliance. There are several ways Iona can address this issue, but none are inexpensive or easy.

If you have any other questions regarding the survey please contact the City Clerk at (208)-523-5600 or via email:

Water Pit Leak Survey Results

In the past, the Public Works Department has conducted a meter pit leak survey on an as needed basis. The most recent survey consisted of 332 meter pits, in which 49 of those were found to be leaking with an estimated leak average of 1/2 gallon per minute. As a result, this is a total annual water savings of 13 millions gallons. In the future, this survey will be performed annually to help identify and resolve leaks sooner than later.  












Dear City of Iona Utility Customers:

We have great new services available—electronic payments and bills. You can now pay your utility bill online, by mobile device or by calling a toll-free number. You can also view your bill online— if you choose to opt out of receiving paper bills to help save resources you will receive a one time per customer per account credit of $5.00. We will send you an email each time a new bill is ready to view. Give our new services a try; we are sure you will love the convenience!

ONLINE >> Make a payment, view bill, view balance due
Go to Select the make payment link. You will go to our payment processor, PSN, to register and make your first payment or view your bill. Future payments will be three quick steps. You don’t have to pay online to view your bill online.

DOWNLOAD OUR APP >> Make a payment, view balance due
Download “PSN Payments” from the App Store® or Google Play™. TIP: Register online before using the app to set up your ID and password.

CALL >> Make a payment, hear balance due
Call toll free 877-885-7968. Have your bill handy to provide your customer number. On the first call, you will set up a payment account; calls after that are just four easy steps to pay.

NOTE: Viewing your bill or amount due and paying by check or savings are free services. Convenience fees apply to credit card payments: 2.75% (+50¢ if under $100).

Auto-Pay: Set it, forget it with recurring payments for the amount of your bill.

Avoid Late Fees: Your electronic payment posts the day you make it.
More: Print receipts and bills, view electronic payment history, change your payment method, manage your Auto-Pay and more by using our online service.

We hope you enjoy these convenient services.

The Staff of the City of Iona



Do you have great organization skills? Do you enjoy planning events? Consider joining the Iona Day Celebration Committee! Join a team of self-directed volunteers who are in charge of planning and executing the Annual Iona Day Celebration being held on July 22nd, 2017. This event will be organized by members of the committee along with assistance from businesses and organizations in the area. We need help with the following assignments: activities, food, fun run, entertainment, setup,/cleanup, and publicity. Community participation is what makes the Iona Day Celebration successful, and we are looking for volunteers who want to make it the best it’s ever been! If you are interested please contact the City office at (208)-523-5600 or via email at 

Every Tuesday at 10:00 am join us for stories, songs, and fun located in the Iona City Council Chambers.