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Please join the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) this Saturday, December 16th at 7:00 pm located in Iona Town Hall at 3548 N. Main St. for a bake sale/dessert auction along with free entertainment. The purpose of this fundraiser is to help raise funds to adopt families this Christmas. If you are unable to join us please consider adopting an angel from the front tree of the lobby. For more information please contact the City Office at (208)-523-5600.

Snow Removal

Iona’s Public Works Department is determined to provide residents with outstanding snow removal to keep the roads safe during the winter season. However, this can only be achieved through a true partnership between RESIDENTS and the CITY. 

What Residents can do to Help: 

  • Park all vehicles, trailers, and boats off of the streets. Ridges of snow around vehicles can parked on streets will freeze and can prevent or slow down future snow removal. It could also potentially cause accidents when a vehicles hits them. Iona City Code restricts the parking of any vehicles in the street right-of-way commencing on Thanksgiving Day to and until Easter Sunday of the following year. This city code helps to assist our Public Works Department in keeping the streets plowed during the winter months. Any vehicle parked or stored in violation may be removed by or under the direction of the City’s Police Department and may be impounded.
  • Clear your sidewalks as soon as possible. In accordance with Title 6, Chapter 4, and Section 8B owners, renters, and persons in charge of real property are reminded that all snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours after any precipitation event. It is unlawful to place snow or ice removed from private property upon any public sidewalk, street, easement, right-of-way, or alleyway. The following persons shall be exempt: (1) a person who is physically or mentally impaired in such a manner that they are unable, (2) a pregnant person, (3) a person who is eighty (80) years of age, and a lessee who occupies a multi-dwelling unit owned by another person or entity and who is not an agent of the owner or a lessee having a legal and/or contractual duty to remove hail, snow, sleet, and/or ice from the sidewalk.

Your efforts will help our city employees be more efficient during snow removal and make this a safe winter season!


Public Works Director Zech Prouse

Chief of Police Karl Bowcutt

The City Council Minutes are now available for review:

Special City Council Work Meeting Minutes – November 21, 2017.

City Council Minutes – November 21, 2017

Special City Council Work Meeting Minutes_November 28, 2017

Disposal of Christmas TreesBeginning on Monday, December 26th PSI Environmental will provide a dumpster on the corner of Hansen & Main for Christmas Tree disposal. The last day the dumpster will be available is January 2nd, 2018. 


Each year the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council adopts a family during the holiday season and is asking for your help! To participate in this great cause please visit the Christmas tree located in the lobby of city hall. Pick an angel from the tree, see the # on the front and sign out your angel with office staff, return your wrapped gifts by December 18th, and sign your angel back in with office staff. Alternatively, you may call the City office at (208)-523-5600 and select which angel you would like to support from the following list: 14 year old female, 11 year old female, 6 year old female, 20 year old male, or contribute to the family’s overall needs/wants.

The City of Iona is selling an 8 foot fiberglass Century truck bed shell for a 2006 GMC/Chevrolet pickup, white in color. Please direct all offers to Public Works Director Zech Prouse at (208)-716-0836.

Are you interested  in knowing the breakdown of the water improvement project? Please view and/or download the Scope of Work which specifically outlines exactly what items are included in the project and the individual cost associated with each. (*It’s important to note the scope of work was based on a worst case scenario meaning some of the costs outlined could be lower when the project is put out to bid and the overall cost of the project could be lower depending on potential grant money that could become available to help fund these improvements). Are you interested in viewing a map of the water improvement project? Please view and/or download a copy of the Map. Have further questions? Please contact a city elected official at the email addresses listed below: